Monday, May 24, 2010

Lodging and fishing package!

Here is the deal...
I have teamed up with our good friend John Perry, who is the owner of ther Clark Fork River Lodge< to offer a great package that is valid throught the rest of the season. 4 nights lodging and 3 days of fishing for $875.00 per person(based on double occupancy). Now this isn't one of those places where you will be stuck with other groups. YOU GET THE WHOLE LODGE! We are able to handle groups as large as 14 or as small as 2. No matter the number, you will not be mixed with anyone. Fishing on the Clark Fork is excellent and you can expect 20-40 fish days with the fine guides of RFO. Remember, we fish your hours. No 9-5ers here! Enjoy a day or two of trout fishing and then shoot off to the lower Flathead for a day of smallmouth bass and BIG pike. What a great way to mix up your fishing trip. Call us to find out more about when to come to make the most of this great deal. We look forward to helping you make Montana memories that will last a lifetime!
As for the fishing, the Missouri is still on fire. Caddis and the usual itty bitty shiny nymphs are working. Rock Creek has been awesome with reports of 90 fish days. Yes, 90 fish days. San Juan and black stone nymphs are doing it. Lastly, Georgetown lake was as good as it gets with 40 fish in the boat. We had just a handful under 15 inches, with our two biggest taping at 21" and 22". Call us today to book your next trip. Predator

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Run-off in Montana!

O.K. Here it is! Run-off has begun. Given the cool forecast(and possible high-country snow this weekend) run-off should give everything a nice flushing. We did get a fair bit of snow two weeks ago, which effectively bolstered our meager snowpack. Still, things will be touch and go as far as late summer is concerned. June and July both look awesome. I think this high water will be over within two weeks and salmonflies could very well be a week or two early on Rock Creek. Call us for up to the minute salmonfly reports.
Right now fishing on the Bitterroot, Blackfoot and CF is poor due to muddy and high H2O. The Missouri is fishing very well and we are off to Georgetown tomorrow. I'll post a report later.
Check out our specials page for fishing/lodging deals on the lower Clark Fork, pike trips and late season discounts. If you want a great trip let out best guides give you a ton of memories. I have no doubt that RFO has the best guides in the Missoula area. No 9 to 5ers here!

Latin Lesson for June: The delicious salmonfly is... Pteronarcys Californica. Don't try to say it while eating crackers!


Big Fish 2010

For those of you that missed it, have a look at our "BIG FISH 2010" page. They are not all up yet so check back to see what March/April looked like. It was a great spring!

The Blackfoot, Bitterroot and CF are fishing well. We are in a "once in a decade" period of clear water. There are big gray drakes, fluttering stones and some caddis out on all of our major rivers. The fish are tuned in to most of the usual patterns. This is always a tough time of year to predict but this year May will be exceptional. This is a big fish month.

It's nice to see what's going on on the CF after the apocalyptic dam removal. Last week was very buggy on the lower river and the fishing was great. We saw three salmonflies on the 27th of april. Mayflies were nice and thick that whole week and the big willow stones were almost gross. We had several good days with fish in the 15-19" category. What was most pleasing was the football-like shape of most of the fish and their general condition was excellent. Very much improved from even two years ago. Hooray! Next stop- Mother's Day caddis! What a great time to fish in Montana!