Friday, October 18, 2013

NAME THIS FLY,WIN A NEW LINE Fishing Reports, too.

Bitterroot River 10/17
   Bitterroot River- Streamer fishing has been pretty darned good. Mornings have been best and by about 5 the bite is very, very over.  The dry fly fishing is still good in the afternoons, too.  Purp. Haze #14,16  CDC Baetis #18.
Droppers before the hatch: #14/16 BH P.T.
Throw a shotgun in the boat and pop a mallard or two.
   Missouri River-Baetis! Pods are up for hours and they are difficult to put down. Para-baetis in 18 will do it.  Try dropping an emerger off the back, but keep the dropper short. Streamer fishing continues to be good for those willing to work. Olive anything, white some days,maybe black. Just switch it up until you find the one they want most.  It kind of changes day to day.
We haven't tied a nymph rig on in months so I can't really tell you what bugs are best. There is no reason to nymph right now anyway. This is the time to become a better dry fly angler.

Clark Fork River- The local news reported that there is a consumption advisory for trout and pike from Kelly Island all the way to the confluence with the Flathead at Paradise. Duh! Dioxin and a bunch of other user-friendly crap seems to be accumulating in the fish. For anyone with a brain this shouldn't be big news. The CF has faced environmental challenges for decades and it has always been known that the fish are inedible.
   The fishing on the lower has been good.  Small white streamers in the a.m. Fish them on the edge of visibility, and slowly.  There will be some mahoganies out in the afternoons. Baeits in 18 should show up on the cloudier days. Don't hesitate to fish a small P.T. or prince 30" under your favorite foamie. It has been good down there and will stay that way, weather permitting. I have had great fishing well into November on the lower.

We need a name for this bug. Please submit via email.  The person who chooses the winning name will receive a brand spankin' new 6 wt fly line. We will decide the winner by November 17.