Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rock Creek Salmonflies

Better late than never, the bugs are out in force and the fish are totally tuned in. We put 50+ in the boat yesterday and saw bugs along the entire creek. I think this is going to be a terrific week with chances at honest 100 fish days. The rain has subsided and the creek is dropping. Clarity is 2.5 feet but flows are still pushy and some banks are simply unfishable due to the velocity along them. Please be careful on Rock Creek this year. It is a dicey place to float without a competent oarsman. Catpuke and the hot pink worm were the ticket.
Georgetown continues to be good. If you can row past all of the spawners there are great fish to be had in the shallows. We had a bang-up day two days ago with 40+ in the boat. I'm proud to report that these were nice bright trout, not the black spawners that many seem to target. Green scud, p.t., black lightening bug, olive bugger.