Thursday, August 1, 2013

Missoula Montana Area Fly Fishing Report

Our interpretation of a trico
Fly Fishing around Missoula has been pretty darned good. Water temps should improve dramatically with this cool down. Tricos have been thick in certain areas and hoppers are really kicking into high gear. Maybe we'll have a good hopper season after all.

   I was really hoping that the latest "tuber rant" would spark a conversation. Guess not.  The issue still remains at large. When you get good and sick and tired of the unaccountable pounding your resources, let me know. I'll still be stewing in my convictions.

BLACKFOOT RIVER- The dry fly bite is still going strong. There have been a few spruce moths around (nothing like  the last 2 years) and the nocturnal stones are still kicking around.  The water temps have been good. The bite is still croaking around 1. Hoot-owl is in effect so bear that in mind as you plan your day. Elk-hair 14, Bug-meister-10

BITTERROOT RIVER-I think the upper river has an enlarged prostate as the lower river is just a trickle. The fish are jumpy so plan to present well. P.T. will work if you cant get them up on a Purp.Haze 14 or a #10 10 hopper. Hopper patterns should be subtle and slight. Don't tie on a size 6 Dave's and expect great things.

CLARK FORK- The big bug is still great. They are starting to kick at the hopper a bit too.  Think pink.
Look to the choppy h2o for the best fishing. Caddis in the evenings.

GEORGETOWN LAKE-  Damsels are about over. The bugs are still coming off every day but the fishing has slowed a bit. The big sedges are out here and there so try skating a huge goddards. Smallish parachute will work as the callibaetis begin to show up more frequently.  Olive leeches, buggers for you stripper types. The water has been incredibly warm so plan to revive every fish.


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