Friday, January 24, 2014

Missoula Fly Fishing Report 1/24/14

Clark Fork River on Thursday
Missoula weather has been very conducive to fly fishing as of late. The Bitterroot river has been seeing some traffic, according to one of our guides who lives on the river. The Clark Fork has been great for the wade anglers in the afternoon.  You can try to pull a streamer on these waters but really the temp is a bit cold.  Try #12/14 BH Prince, BH Stones in appropriate colors to imitate the skwala nymphs.  Zebra midges might come in handy once you stumble upon risers.  Don't expect huge numbers, but if you don't hack it up you can put a few in the net.

Here is a link to our snow-pack reports. Make of it what you will.          

          SNOW PACK  ------->

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