Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Missoula Montana Fly Fishing Report

Slabby McSlabberson
In the Missoula area fly fishing is about done. Run-off has really traken hold and the rivers look huge and muddy and HUGE!  We fished Rock Creek a bit last week. It was quick, but clear. The best bugs were #10 prince,  #6 white streamers, SJ worm in red. There were a few March Browns kicking around but the fish weren't really on them. Now the water is really up. You might find a little nymphing on the insides, but be careful wading. The road received its annual Brazilian; smooth as a baby's bottom. There is some stubble in a few spots, but other than that it's ship-shape. Thanks USFS.  

Last week we were on the Missouri. All of the usual stuff was working. We caught some big fish jig-twitching brown buggers. Also, we avoided chasing bobbers by fishing dries with long droppers. Peep shows, Czechs, Green Machines about 36" down. The flows continue to look really good over there. Oh yeah, the Caddis-fest was this past weekend. A Caddis-fiesta with no caddis? I'm thinking Thingamabobba-fest next year. Who's in?

We haven't ventured to Georgetown yet. There are some trips on the schedgy soon and I think the lake might be an option. If you go, try any #14 nymph in your box about 3 feet under a SMALL indicator. olive buggers will work, too. You might luck out and find a few callibaetis. In that case, try a parachute adams. Listen, if you can't catch fish there maybe you should consider another past-time. Golf, or perhaps geo-caching might be up your alley.

The Clark Fork has been great beginning at about 11 each morning. The fish have been up on tricos until 2 and then they are more than happy to attack a hopper. Ooops...      I just started day-dreaming about dry fly fishing. The good news is that we won't have any of the hoot-owl closures this summer. Uhh, I'm thinking that there will be plenty of water.

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