Monday, May 13, 2013

Missoula Fly Fishing Reports

Fly fishing in the Missoula area is on hold until the Clark Fork River, Bitterroot River and Blackfoot River settle down.  Rock Creek is still O.K. and there should be some fishing to be had. Check with Trout Bums for up to date conditions and fly choices. Deb, the owner, is available at  406-825-6146
   The Missouri has been awesome with baetis, march browns and a few caddis around.  Streamer fishing has been excellent on the cloudier days. Try slender and white. Dry/dropper has been equally good in the bright sun. Czech nymphs will get it done when other stuff won't. Bear in mind that it's BOATY over there. We just came off of several days on the Mo' and there were plenty of boats around. Skip the weekend, if you can.

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