Thursday, May 2, 2013

Montana=Trout? Maybe.

Montana is known for fly fishing for trout. But there are some other fly fishing options that don't include dry flies and delicate presentations.
   I washed all of the mouse poop out of the duck boat this morning and took off for my version of fly fishing paradise. I took the Ewok along, as he needed some new memories. I guess we found 'em.
   Let's get this straight before it gets out of hand; I love watching my clients nail big trout. Trout represent all that is wild and free in the spirit of rivers. And, from time to time, I love catching them myself. But when it all comes down to it, I love chasing northerns in the spring. I really love it.
I won't bore you with where and when, or on what. We found quite few and they attacked like only a pike can. But for all of you that think pike eat with reckless abandon, you are wrong.  Simply put, you are wrong. They can be fickle and are as sensitive to water temps and fluctuating flows as the next fish. I can imagine how many anglers spent their day hoping for the big pay-off on the Bitterroot. Well, we found it.

Try white/red, yellow/red, olive/white/red, black/gold, red/orange. If you haven't figured it out by now, this ain't a "kiss and tell" blog. As far as we're concerned, disinformation might very well be the best information.

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