Friday, June 7, 2013

Missoula Area Fly Fishing Report

Rock Creek- Absolutely on fire!  The salmonflies have ascended the creek and you can watch 'em fly around all day. The fish are fully tuned in and an orange stimi will get the job done.  Green drakes are out and a cripple in the right spots will take nice fish. Today I saw good numbers of goldens, which means that things are progressing and a smallish rogue's should do it. In other words, the dry fly fishing is GREAT!  Get on it now as the crick is dropping fast. It's really not too boaty but this weekend should be a real zoo. By the way, if you fish a nymph rig right now on Rock reek you should receive a game violation for something. Not too sure what for, but freakin' something. In the last few days I have seen a few clowns with thingamacrappers and two beads tied to their leaders. Come on.

Blackfoot- Word is that the wormin is good. Some big fish are being taken on the good insides but no fluttery-type bugs yet. It should be soon, but if you want to fish a dry this ain't the place. Streamers have been fair, but it has been sunny and the only critters that like the sun are lizards. Not trout. So keep on keepin' on, for at least another week.

Bitterroot- Good bite yesterday on the upper river. Try the stimi in yellow in an 8. Also, caddis, a few salmonflies, and a few sallies.  Dropper wise it's hard to beat the prince, p.t. and maybe even a peach-ish worm. For all of your purists the dry fly bite is good enough. The water looks great, but it all depends on where and when. The fishing has been a C+ but it should be a B+ by next week.

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