Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rock Creek Traffic Jam ( and a fishing report )

Things are much better when you take the Montana back roads. These guys were obviously on a union break and couldn't be convinced to move out of the way. Nice to see a batch of rams, though.

Rock Creek-Low and clear and buggy. I think the main bulk of the floaters may be gone. Green Drakes are out in full force! We have had several EPIC days this week on the upper creek with big dries. The goldens and salmonflies are gone but the GD bite is superb. Still though, I have witnessed some knuckle heads with nymph rigs. Hey guys, try a dry and a mend and become a better angler. Stop with the bobber.

Clark Fork- Great golden fishing can be had on the cloudy days. GDrakes are out too. If it's sunny try a pat's under a big dry. If it's cloudy just try the dry. The water looks good and the fishing is fine.

Blackfoot- Salmonflies, goldens and Gdrakes are out. We have had some really good trips this week with anglers putting some very nice fish in the boat. The canyon is boaty but if you make it in early you can have it. The mid-river is fishing well too. A price dropper #10 or 12 will work well early and late, but the dries are where it's at.

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