Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bitterroot River Fly Fishing (sort of)

Bitterroot River today!
The Bitterroot River fished fairly well today. The dry fly fishing was non-existent and we had to get  a little dirty to get 'em.  So it goes...
   Bug life was surprisingly abundant, with capnia, midges and even a traveling sedge making an appearance. Our best fly was three feet below all of these insects. You gotta do what you gotta do, right?  I would say that any sort of real dry fly fishing is about 10 days out. I would be very skeptical of any stories to the contrary.
   After catching 10,000 whitefish, we managed to dig out at least a half dozen nice trout. It may have been more. It's hard to tell when you are nearly hypothermic, but really the point is that we went fishing.
   The weather is supposed very mild this weekend with temps in the low 60's on saturday. With weather like that the adult skwalas will be out very soon.    Predator


  1. Holy Carp!, it was a cold wind a blowin' today...I'm still shivering.

    Glad we finally found those pesky trout. Not proud about how we had to do it, though.

    We certainly taught those Bitterroot bonefish a thing or two, today. It was nice to get out but a day at the vise would have been a lot more comfortable.

    My fortune cookie tonight read: 'Windproof Fabric Make For More Warm.'

    - 'Buck, SIT DOWN!'