Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fishing on the Bitterroot River was SWEET today!

Fly Fishing in February can be a tricky proposition. Dry fly fishing in the Missoula area seems a long way off. Often one is left to fly fish the ugly way; with a nymph. Today was different. The sun was out this morning and you could tell that it was going to be a great day to fish in Montana. The clouds rolled in after the weather had warmed and the trout were very responsive. We took several healthy rainbow underwater (the ugly way) and took a few more on the surface. The risers were sporadic to say the least, but they rose to our offerings quite nicely. The Bitterroot is a great river when one is one foot. Guides forget that the best way to fish a river is on foot. Things go by so nice and slow when you're just "hangin' out" on the bank, waiting on a fish. We flipped a few rocks and found but one skwala nymph. He looked really cold. Predator

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