Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Montana Dry Fly Fishing is NOW!

Montana is not necessarily know for its February fly fishing. Missoula tends to be milder than much of the rest of the state and that means rising trout! One of our guides was wade-fishing the Clark Fork yesterday and caught several prime rainbows on top. What a treat to be catching fish on dry flies this early. What most folks don't know is that this happens right about now, every year. It's awesome to see the Clark Fork River getting back to the insane fly fishing river that it was prior to the removal of Milltown Dam. Rainbow and Cutthroat trout recruitment seems to be very good, resulting in an improving fishery. It's still my favorite. So what's next on the CF? Skwalas are about 5-6 weeks out, the midging should continue through Feb. and March and a little bugger action should begin any day. As for me, I'm off to the Missouri on friday for a little itch-scratchin'. I can't wait to start throwing the big dries around in March. Predator

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