Friday, March 8, 2013

Bitterroot River Fly Fishing Report-Missoula, Montana

   Three of our guides fished the Bitterroot River yesterday. They called me mid-morning to tell me that the fly fishing was good and to share that they had just put the net on an honest 20" 'bow. It sounds like the day was spotty but they continued to land good fish all day. 
Best Fly: #12 Fromunda, which is one of RFO's creations.  It's basically a stone nymph. The fish seemed to be spread out a bit more than they were a week ago, and were looking to eat some bigger offerings.  A couple of nice fish ate a smaller gray streamer fish deep. It sounds like there really weren't too many bugs and certainly no skwala adults.
   I'd imagine that the Bitterroot will get pounded this weekend given the quality weather that is predicted.  I don't get why guys will launch a boat behind 5 others when the river is this low. It makes no freakin' sense. Best of luck to all of the #3, #4 and #5 boats. You're gonna need it. 


  1. "The Boat Hatch was hot and heavy that day, my friend..."

  2. I can only imagine the parade today. Tomorrow shouldn't be any better. AAARRRGH.

  3. Is that you, Art? How are things over at Van Delay Industries?