Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blackfoot River Fly Fishing Report

The last few days on the Bitterroot river have been very good.  There is a little bump in the flows which should make the fly fishing even better. We had some very happy fly fishing clients last week and this coming week should be every bit as good.  There are a few march browns
out, BWOs and quite few skwalas.  If you can't get some of those picky risers to eat a skwala try a 16 parachute.  Adams, haze... Whatever    They'll eat it if you can present it right.
   We fished the Blackfoot River today for fun and it really wasn't that fun. I just couldn't bring myself to go to the Bitterroot on a sunny Saturday.  The h20 was pretty cold and the fish were pretty lethargic. I ripped a big streamer around for a few hours and had only a few grabs by smaller fish. One of us(who shall remain nameless) tied on a Le Juanita ( which is Spanish for the worm) and nailed a few small fish.  All in all it was not good.  Today is the first sunny day in a while and the river is on a slight rise. Never good.
   I heard some reports from the Clark Fork from this week.      Predator

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