Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bitterroot River Fly Fishing Report, and how to freeze your ass off in Montana for fun and profit!

Fly Fishing in Montana is supposed to be fun. Today was just flat-out cold. Yeah, the fishing was fun and we caught a bunch of fish and some ate the big dry and there were mayflies and the fishing was good and... But it was really freakin' cold.   But the report goes like this: The river is in good shape, albeit a bit low. Every skwala that hatched last week is now frozen stiff. Tonight is supposed to be colder than last, so I would think that there will be even fewer skwalas than today. Which is like -1.  But the BWOs came off and there was some fishing to be had on top.  We got 'em on a skwala foamie and the good ol' Fromunda. A few ate a # 16 prince and a
            #16 p.t.   No funny flashy stuff, just a regular old p.t.

   I ran into the Hackle boys this morning and they were off to the Missouri. It was about 12 degress there when I checked the weather.  Best of luck to them and their pilgrims. I'm sure they had good fishin'.  Also, to the dude who gave me the sweet free hat today- Much respect.  Thanks.   Bald guys love hats.      Predator     

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